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DLS Design Tribute to Paul Rand, continued.

Paul Rand designed these enduring* corporate logos chiefly during the mid-nineteen fifties through mid-sixties, but some are from later.

*The UPS logo was recently re-designed. Do you think it's an improvement? I'd love to hear your comments. Feel free to email me.
— David Schiffer, editor

Spring 2004: Read comments on the UPS debate.



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These web pages are hosted by DLS Design, and are offered as a non-commercial tribute.
They were originally designed in February 1997, shortly after Paul Rand's passing.

Paul Rand's work was an inspiration to our own. In the design of logos and other work for our corporate clients, our goal is to provide design work in his tradition. Corporations in the market for these services are welcome to contact us for a proposal.
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